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Cheque Printing Software Solutions

DumiCycle is an innovative, secure and versatile family of cheque printing software solutions.

Print cheques or bank giro credits using proven, secure, award winning cheque printing software solutions in conjunction with Pira Grade 1 approved MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) printers.

DumiCycle is a flexible, modular system for your payment requirements that will transition with your business.

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Whatever your needs the in-house design allows us to configure the system to meet your overall business requirements.


  • Accommodating changing volumes of cheque payments
  • Creating files for electronic payments

Cheque printing software solutions – Features

  • Robust data security at every stage
  • Flexible data input
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Full system support, contingency and outsourcing options
  • Multiple cheque layouts
  • Cheque stock management & security

Cheque printing software solutions – Benefits to your business

  • Improved efficiency
  • Fraud protection
  • User friendly and flexible for staff
  • Comprehensive reporting

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