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Document Management Software Can Support Your Company’s Disaster Recovery Efforts

If a hurricane, fire, flood, tornado or other natural disaster made it impossible for you to access your physical office location, could you continue serving your customers with minimal disruption? Consider what would happen if a pandemic hit, keeping your employees out of work for an extended period of time. If you had to temporarily rely on workers in other geographic locations, could you easily make files, documents and records accessible to them?

Local governments and businesses across industry lines need to plan for these types of contingencies. Implementing DumiDox – Document Management Software can help organizations of any size be better prepared for significant business disruptions.

Serve Your Customer Base from Virtually Any Location

A minor disruption that keeps your staff away from the office for several hours would likely be inconvenient, but it probably would not have a significant impact on your business. However, if a fire or hurricane winds decimated your building, it could take months to get up and running in an alternate location. If all of your records were maintained in physical files or on a local server in the office that was destroyed, it could be difficult or even impossible to recreate that information and the long-term health of your organization could be in question.

One of the most attractive features about DumiDox for many companies is that it allows authorized users to access and handle records from virtually anywhere with internet access and from any device. This can enable your team to continue serving customers even if your hardware was damaged in the disaster. When you opt for a cloud storage solution, your employees can use their computers, tablets and even their smartphones to gain access to the system, retrieving customer records or operational files with just a few mouse clicks or screen taps.

Easily and Quickly Provision Access Rights When Necessary

DumiDox can be invaluable in the event you need to (temporarily) rely on workers from other geographic areas. If your employee base is affected by a pandemic or you are simply facing a staff shortage in one location, you can give workers in other locations access to electronic documents and files and can redirect workflows as needed so business can continue as usual.

User access rights can be turned on or off quickly and easily. Of course, security and privacy are always important, perhaps more so in a disaster situation. With DumiDox tools, you always have control over who has access to what information.

Rely on Workflows to Keep Operations Running Smoothly

Whether a disaster is large or small in scale, it can disrupt your operations – no matter how prepared your company is. Organizations that use DumiDox rest assured that their records are preserved and accessible electronically, but there’s another benefit that comes with the system too: automated workflows.

With workflow automation, you can be confident that forms and documents are being routed electronically and aren’t accumulating in a pile of undeliverable mail or lost in the disaster because they were on somebody’s desk, awaiting action.

Document Management Can Help Your Organization Weather Any Storm

Having proactive, well thought out disaster recovery plans can help your company or government agency recover more quickly and continue meeting customers’ needs.

Is your business prepared to weather the storm? Contact DumiDox today to learn more about how DumiDox can play a key role in your organization’s disaster recovery plan and efforts.

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